“There may be sibling rivalry on-screen but there is a definite brotherhood off-screen with Chris.”
Tom Hiddleston on his relationship with co-star Chris Hemsworth.

(Source: iamthefirstavenger)

[I love these WORDS]


wow no wonder chris and tom don’t stick together at premieres and events.

put them together for half a minute to take a goddamn picture and the only thing separating them from pressing up against each other are two inches of space.

people have shipped pairings for SO MUCH LESSthan what these two are giving me with one photograph.



The Avengers World Premiere - Part 3 *Special*: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleson = BROS FOR LIFE!

The best bros on and off screen. Their faces, you guys. THEIR FACES.

Beautiful. All of it. (because guys seriously, Tom has the best faces, I swear. That man could NOT stop smiling!!)

OMG That bro hug-