Stories that make me want to strangle Loki lovingly with my bare hands

for taikobou:

Thor/Loki (and Loki/other people, Thor/other people rec): (my note to you is in the Read More, due to spoilers) :)

The Solitudes, by


Loki is a jotunn bastard and can’t marry a prince. Thor won’t settle for anything less than what he wants. Jotunheim schemes and Asgard throws a royal wedding.


Years after he fled Jotunheim, Loki comes home to Asgard and is met with the challenge of the Wall, and magic.

Part of the Jotunn Bastard AU - Loki is a half-jotunn bastard who was raised on Jotunheim - and sequel to Empty Pursuit.

My comments are very spoilery and are behind the cut.

For taikobou: The Loki/Frey is in the second installment (All the King’s Horses). They’re not exclusive or anything, but it’s there. Loki kind of sleeps with a lot of people in this story, and so does Thor.

It’s a beautifully, beautifully written piece - (to me) lovely and intricate and breathtaking, and it makes me want to strangle Loki with my bare hands. Completely irrational, perhaps, but HE ASKED FOR IT! HE ASKED FOR EVERYTHING up to where I’ve read so far! (well, I’ve read up to Chapter 4 of the story, and I haven’t read Chapter 5)

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