Fic Rec: Prince of Chaos - Eventual Thor/Loki

Fic Rec: The Prince of Chaos by

Thor (2011)  

Warning Tags: Mature, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Work in Progress

It’s a fill for a k meme prompt, currently being continued here (if you want to read up til where it’s most updated). The AO3 compiles posts.

During the war between the Aesir and Jotunheim, Loki Laufeyson finds a way to escape his hellish life by siding with Asgard and watching his realm fall. Odin brings him back to Asgard and names him his blood-brother. Thor, Odin’s young son, develops a sense of hero worship for the newcomer and follows him everywhere. Loki can’t shake him off.

As Loki adjusts to a new world and way of life, he comes to realize that the way to power could very well be through this annoying Asgardian prince.

Chris’s Note: This is a rec for Losse, as we were talking about it earlier today. I love this story, because it has the loveliest interactions between older!Loki and young!Thor, and young!Thor adoring older!Loki. Loki’s backstory is very very dark, but the light in this story is so  good. Beautifully well-written.

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