I come alive when I hear thunder

In which I updated Bring Down the Sky with Chapter 2.

Title: Bring Down the Sky

Chapter 2 of 3: Brothers are inevitably troublesome creatures, whether they’ve inadvertently turned you into a dragon, or have been inadvertently turned into one.

Total Wordcount: 5459

Thank yous to:

1. lacewood, who kindly helped me look over this installment (twice!) and whose unfailing patience, good humour and excellent sense have been invaluable to me. All mistakes you see are my own;
2. Kura and Losse, who read very early drafts of this and were wonderful and full of ideas (Kura, one of yours is quite noticeably in this chapter); and
3. ragenserenity, whose unfailing support and encouragement gave me the kick I needed to wrap this chapter up.

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