the hunger games .gif challenge, featuring Loki being creepy.

Hunger Games Gif Challenge

1. Open your gifs folder

 2. Use every fourth gif  


 You on the morning of the reaping:   


Waiting for the names to be called:  

Your Reaction when your name is called:   

What you think of the other tribute from your district: 

Saying goodbye to your friends and family: 

First thing you do on the Tribute Train:   

[and other lies]

Reaction to the other tributes: 

[I sniggered IRL]

What you think of the Capitol: 

[Actually, quite appropriate, Thor.]

 What you think of your stylist:   


How you feel during the tributes parade: 

[Great, we all look stupid together?]

Reaction to your score:

[Note to sponsors, clearly.]

During your interview prep: 

[Seriously?! Seriously?! GIF folder, you crack me up.]

Your Interview:   

[LOL. Actual .gif from Hiddleston interview, no less.]

How you spend your last night before the games:

[plotting strategy, clearly.]

Waiting in the launch room:   


You during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia:

Your reaction when someone asks to be allies:  

What you do for most of the games:    

 The first time you kill someone:  

[How disturbingly appropriate.]

You when the other tribute from your district dies:  

How you feel when you win:    

How you greet your stylist and mentor:  

You during the replay of the Hunger Games:    

The first thing you do when you get home:  

My reaction to this whole challenge:

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