[a fic status update for own reference]

1. dragon au:

(a) part 1 - posted [approx 1.6K]

(b) part 2 - written, sent to beta, beta comments received (thank you lovely beta, am still slowly working my way through them), pursuant to me & beta discussion, beta is re-looking (thank you again) [approx 3.5K]

(c) part 3 - written/complete in rough form on 22 April 2012, took self-enforced break for 1.5 weeks for necessary distance, slowly working on editing it again. [approx 2.5K]

(… I originally thought it would be 4K total. currently it’s 7.6K)

(all Loki POV stories written by me always inexplicably double my estimated wordcount. Thor stories generally do as I expect, Loki stories… do what they want…)

2. this fic and its notes: 5K

3. that other au thing: 7K