And now, the story I really did write for manic-intent without the intent to troll her.

Happy Birthday to the lovely and wonderful manic-intent! Thank you for filling my world with your amazing stories, art, and you, just you.

As a token of my esteem and in the course of my continual attempts to find/write something worthy of you, I have written you a story. You will laugh, I had originallyintended to write it for you to commemorate the Dragon year (yes, a very long time ago). Just because.

Title: Bring Down the Sky (currently in progress)

Summary: How to Train Your Dragon/Thor AU. Loki inadvertently teaches Thor that dragon trick. There are consequences.

Notes: This was what the Dragon AU tag was about. :)

Many thanks to Pei Yi (once again, thank you for your time and effort on this, and on me, all mistakes here are my own), Kura and Losse for your thoughts on a very early draft of this!